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Headed by a 15+ year seasoned leader in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Mercole Online provides of professional consulting services for small and midsize businesses. We keep pace, research and test with what works and hence better position you for now and the future.  Whether a quick one day advisory, to short term or long term engagements, we can offer assistance in a variety of areas of digital marketing and e-commerce.

Platform or general vendor selection, user experience evaluation, digital marketing roadmaps, e-commerce roadmap, digital marketing tactics execution, channel conversion rate optimization and more are part of the varied offerings for any consulting engagement.

What You Will Receive

Increased visibility, growth in your customer base, strong roadmaps, traceable and supported decisions and an improved outlook—with quality deliverables while meeting deadlines. Transform your plans into great results. We provide consulting services virtually and in your offices. Under most engagements, we can guarantee immediate response to your requests every business day.

>    Market/Audience Opportunity Research

>    E-Commerce Channel Performance Analysis

>    Increasing Online Sales

   Online Marketing Advice

Increase Online Sales Executing Revenue Opportunities

Typical Engagement Services

Digital Strategy Development + Execution Planning

Whether its a digital marketing roadmap or overall ecommerce strategy we can assist you in mapping out a direction to help your team and online business to greater success.  Taking time to map out next steps, to set an overarching strategy helps everyone on the team understand where they are going and thereby enhance their ability to innovate and create in support of those goals.  Mercole Online will work with you to understand the business, understand its goals and the organization, plus evaluate current digital and integrated marketing successes and determine opportunities for improvement to help you succeed in next stage growth.


It's worth noting Digital Marketing is constantly evolving and you might not know what to consider next or how well your current tactics are performing—how well are they helping your business.   We can assist in a variety of ways from creating a marketing plan to guiding or advising your existing to team or in some cases performing the digital marketing execution.

Amazon Optimization Advisory

Launching or growing product sales requires a tactical approach of content, advertising and merchandising.  Can your products be successful on Amazon, how can you gain more visibitlity if you're products are there, and how can you convert more viewers in to buyers are answers we can help you determine and execute.  The Amazon Marketplace can be very profitable and many products can potentially generate more revenue than is generated on your own web site—given the vastness of Amazon's audience.  Hence from guiding or assisting you in launching on Amazon or taking your existing listings to optimize title,s bullet points, images, and descriptions or even determining what products have hte best chance for success on Amazon, Mercole Online can help.

Platform Selection

You may be online already and selling for years but your site is in need of an update or the platform is limitiing your abilities.  What to look for, where to go and how to come to a suitable choice for your needs...each of these may be questions you have asked.   Whether considering something like Wordpress, to a starter or more advanced Shopify platform development or Enterpise platforms such as Episerver, Mercole Online can assist.


If you are already in an RFP stage, Mercole Online can participate in vendor presentations, reference calls and internal discussions to provide an experienced independent (and unbiased) reviewer assessment to assist in your selection. Such an engagement will consider a view of the internal organization’s skill set and/or the impact that skill set can have on project costs or future operational costs/execution in practice.

Interim Digital Director

Virtual or occasionally on-site we can provide a seasoned leader in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing on a retainer basis to oversee, advise or direct your existing team while you're facing a staffing gap.  This engagement can last for weeks or months depending on the need.

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